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Insertar pegatina

Insertar pegatina

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Customer Reviews

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Dale Schlehuber

Sticker Insert

Joshua Vondran
Not A Fan

For starters, I absolutely love my other Tricer products, but after loosing my Vortex Pro adapter a month or two ago and purchasing one from Tricer, I can’t say the same for my Bino Adapter. A bino adapter has 2 jobs. Connect binoculars to a tripod, and be discreet. The Tricer does job number 1 pretty well. Not perfect, but definitely better than the Vortex. But, completely falls apart on job number 2. For starters, the Arca-Swiss plate is far too large making it difficult to stash away in a bino harness. If the attachment to the LP is approximately a 2:1 measurement ratio, I see no reason for the adapter to have a 1:1 ratio. I’m sure there are reasons why it was designed as a square, but I personally hate its size. I’d rather have a threaded post that allows me to attach a plate of my choosing than something that saves me an ounce. Second issue is the post length. Again, this makes it difficult to fit in a bino harness. I see no reason the post needs to be so long. It could be an entire inch shorter and still be long enough to attach a pair of binos which certainly isn’t discreet. Fix these, and I’d give it a 4.5. I hate giving this thing 3 stars, but I barely like it more than I dislike it

Brent Stalkup
Exceptional products!

I have purchased several Tricer products and all are very high quality and built with superior craftsmanship. The LP head is so tiny and light, yet extremely stable.