By hunters, for hunters

Born in the backcountry, every Tricer product is born out of necessity. As passionate backcountry hunters ourselves, we understand the importance of every ounce saved and every edge gained in the field. Our journey begins with the same challenges and aspirations that drive you—a desire to enhance our hunting experiences.

Challenging everything

At Tricer, our approach is simple yet profound: challenge everything. We refuse to accept "no" as an answer and instead encourage asking "why." We believe that innovation thrives on questioning the status quo and pushing boundaries. Too often, traditions and norms dictate the tools we use without considering alternatives. That's where we come in—to challenge the hunting status quo and offer you innovative solutions for the backcountry.

Supporting customers

But our mission goes beyond just providing products. We're here to support you, our fellow hunters, every step of the way. Your successes and failures in the field are ours as well. When you choose Tricer, you gain more than just gear; you gain a hunting partner dedicated to helping you go deeper and hunt harder.